For tankless water heaters, we highly recommend Bradford White for its sterling reputation with regard to quality and affordability. These energy-efficient models are designed to improve heat output and energy savings.

Continuous hot water
These tankless water heaters deliver instant hot water when you need it and won’t run out with prolonged use.

Better efficiency
This type of water heater has no standby heat loss since it is only activated by the flow switch when hot water is needed.

Simple installation
Since there is no storage tank, this type of heater saves space and has flexible installation options.

Safety features
Your water heater is protected from burnout with a high-temperature limit switch and reset button.

Bradford White Tankless Water Heater Features:

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Featuring the SRT™ Scale Reduction Technology
  • STEADISET® Technology
  • Built-In Digital Control
  • Active Bypass
  • Modulation-Segmented burner with 22:1 turn down ratio
  • Inlet Water Filter—External access for easy maintenance
  • Space Saving Installation
  • Built-In Freeze Protection
  • Self-Calibrating Fan and Gas Valve
  • Venting Flexibility